Stock Markets Sept 10 - Sept 14, 2001 vs. SuperForce Algorithm Forecast

The following show the comparison of the SuperForce Algorithm Forecast (given prior to the Markets) vs. the actual Stock Market Data for: Dow Jones Ind., Nasdaq, S&P 500,  and TSE 300.     The U.S. markets were closed Tuesday-Friday and the TSE 300 (Toronto) was closed midday Tuesday and Wednesday.

ALERT! ALERT! ALERT! Sept. 13, 2001 (See ticker below) September 11, 2001: The two World Trade CenterTowers in New York have been destroyed by an apparent terrorist attack; the Pentagon was also hit. The markets in the U.S. are closed this week and will open Monday morning.  

Comparison Charts for the algorithm and these four markets plus the German DAX and the London FTSE 100 can be found at 


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