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Forward Players in the NHL
Shots on Goal vs. Ion Ratio Forecast

Analyzing Performance:

When looking at these charts, look for trends, just because the chart may not appear to match doesn't mean the player isn't affected.

75% of the general population is effected adversely by positive ions, meaning that we should see a general correlation between performance and the Ion Ratio Forecast.

25% of the general population is somewhat effected or is affected totally opposite. Positive Ions trigger a brain hormone called Serotonin, this hormone in turn triggers adrenaline. This adrenaline can improve performance on a positive day for people that have large adrenaline reserves. Thus the two lines on the chart will appear to oppose each other: Better performance comes on positive days with weaker performance on negative days. 

Many athletes boarder between these two categories and can change after a period of time. Try looking at the last three or four games and the correlation or opposition to the forecast. Then go to the home page and look up the Ion Ratio Forecast for the next game. You should be able to accurately forecast performance for the next upcoming game.

Anaheim Mighty Ducks: Paul Kariya

Detroit Red Wings: Steve Yzerman

Edmonton Oilers: Todd Marchant, Doug Weight

Florida Panthers: Pavel Bure

New York Rangers: Peter Nedved

Pittsburgh Penguins: Jaromir Jagr

Vancouver Canucks: Mark Messier, Marcus Naslund

These graphs will be updated once a week. 

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