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Detroit Red Wings Forwards Players
Shots on Goal vs. Ion Ratio Forecast
*note: The Ion Ratio Forecast was given at least a day in advance of game times.

In the Graph below the same data is used from above except the Ion Ratio line has been turned upside down. an Ion ratio of  (0) or Highest negative above has flipped to (10), it is still highest negative and a (10) highest positive is now a (0). It is difficult to see the correlation if a player reacts opposite to the Ion Ratio. The reversed line is always in green. While the blue line in the graph above corresponds to the same line on the home page forecast. If a forward player matches the green line then performance is better on Negative Ion Ratio days (0-4 on the home page). If a forward player matches the blue line then he performance is better on Positive Ion Ratio days (6-10 on the home page).  

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