Large Scale Anthrax Attack may be Countered by HAARP

By Guy Cramer

With the recent Anthrax scare in Florida, anyone watching T.V. has learned a great deal about potential Anthrax attacks. Using proper delivery devices, Anthrax, Small Pox, Botulism, Plague, Tularemia, Viral hemorrhagic fevers (VHF) such as Ebola… could kill millions. For the most part, these biological weapons consist of bacterium or viruses. Antibiotics, anti-toxins, Vaccines provide treatment and prevention for some of these, yet supplies of most are so low that if a large scale attack is carried out most people will not have sufficient treatment available to them.

Given that bacteria can be cultured to be resistant to many forms of antibiotics over time, different biological weapon strains of bacteria may be immune to all antibiotic treatment.

Negative Ions can kill bacteria and reduce airborne viruses!

What is a negative ion? An ion is any small particle, molecule or atom carrying a positive or negative electrical charge due to the loss or acquisition of one or more extra electrons.

The benefits of negative ion generation have long been known since the 1920's. Positive ions are detrimental and connected with many side effects. Recent studies have demonstrated how the body reacts to both imbalances with positive ions and also with negative ions. No side effects have ever been found from negative ions.

A recent paper from Pennsylvania State University shows evidence that Negative air ionization has the potential to reduce the concentration of airborne microorganisms. This reduction is attributed to the ionization of bioaerosols and dust particles that may carry microorganisms, causing them to settle out more rapidly. The reduction of bioaerosols can vary between 30% and 90%. A link to the University paper can be found in the references at the end of the paper.

Decades ago it was shown that an intense geomagnetic storm had caused smoke stack pollution from Canadian industry on the Canadian / U.S. border to fall on U.S. crops killing the crops. A geomagnetic storm can change the polarity of the atmosphere. Given that smoke stack pollution is normally charged, an abrupt change in the atmospheric charge will cause the smoke cloud to fall to the ground.


The High-frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP) is a congressionally initiated program jointly managed by the U.S. Air Force and U.S. Navy.  

The HAARP complex is situated within a 23-acre lot in a relatively isolated region near the town of Gakona, Alaska. It consists of 180 towers, 72 feet in height, forming a "high-power, high frequency phased array radio transmitter" capable of beaming in the 2.5-10 megahertz frequency range, at more than 3 gigawatts of power (3 billion watts).


Military applications of HAARP include long-range ground penetration radar, over the horizon radar. It may also be used as a beam weapon as some of the patents suggest.


Artificial Geomagnetic Storms


I have discussed in a previous paper (referenced later) that HAARP can be used to influence ion ratios and have a large effect on human behaviour. Of the many uses of HAARP, one idea that may not have yet been conceived of, is the ability to abruptly increase the atmospheric negative ion ratio in the case of large-scale biological or chemical attack. This would mimic or surpass past geomagnetic storms such as those that caused smoke pollution to neutralize. The abruptness should cause the chemical or biological aerosols to fall to the ground minimising the exposure over a wider area. The ability to continue HAARP’s influence of the atmosphere for longer periods could further reduce the airborne threat.


The following HAARP patents confirm this potential application, although I don’t believe this application has occurred to those in control of HAARP or similar arrays.

U.S. Patent 4999637: Creation Of Artificial Ionization Clouds Above The Earth  

U.S. Patent 4686605: Method And Apparatus For Altering A Region In The Earth's Atmosphere, Ionosphere, And/Or Magnetosphere  


This HAARP countermeasure will not eliminate chemical or biological aerosols, but should minimise the exposure area as well as reduce the amount of aerosols inhaled.


A 1993 report by the US Congressional Office of Technology Assessment estimated that between 130 000 and 3 million deaths could follow the aerosolized release of 100 kg of anthrax spores upwind of the Washington, DC, area—lethality matching or exceeding that of a hydrogen bomb.


Anthrax exposure does not mean that you will develop Anthrax: Based on primate data, it has been estimated that for humans the LD 50 (lethal dose sufficient to kill 50% of persons exposed to it) is 2500 to 55 000 inhaled anthrax spores.

So if HAARP has the potential to increase negative ion ratios that in turn can neutralize aerosols, HAARP might drastically reduce the mortality (death) rate expected from a large scale biological or chemical aerosol attack by reducing area coverage and minimising the particulate inhaled if such an attack were to take place on homeland or in the battlefield.

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