Sept 14, 2001 - Sept 21, 2001 weekly chart
ALERT! ALERT! ALERT! Sept. 13, 2001 (See ticker below) September 11, 2001: The two World Trade CenterTowers in New York have been destroyed by an apparent terrorist attack; the Pentagon was also hit. The markets in the U.S. are closed this week and will open Monday morning.  

This week (Sept.10-14): Even with a -50 point (-1/2%) surprise interest rate cut by the Fed prior to the open on Monday, the Dow Jones lost -1370 points (-14.3%)(Worst week for the Dow since the Great Depression) Worst point loss for one week and fifth largest percentage loss for the Dow. The NASDAQ lost -272 point (-16.1%), the S&P 500 lost -127 points (-11.6%), the TSE300 dropped -349.27 points (-5.5%).

Ion Ratio Legend: 

10= Highest Positive
(Detrimental: Higher occurrence of Migraines, Asthma, Road Rage, Depression...) 
8= High Positive
(Positive Ions increase during Full Moon) 
6= Slightly Positive
(Insects and animals are also affected by Ions, a bee can sting unprovoked on positive days ) 
4= Slightly Negative
(Stock Markets can turn down on negative days) 
2= High Negative
(Negative Ions increase during New Moon)
0= Highest Negative
(Beneficial: A great day, good moods, good health, patient people...) 


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