Press Release: July 27, 2000

Scientist Able To Predict Stock Markets

VANCOUVER, BC -- (INTERNET WIRE) -- 07/27/2000 -- In 1993 Guy Cramer discovered a number of mathematical algorithms that allows him to forecast the ratio of positive and negative ions in the atmosphere. Over the past several months he has used this unique ion forecast to predict the activity of the Dow Jones, Nasdaq, TSE 300 and S&P 500 indexes with remarkable accuracy. Mr. Cramer, President of United Dynamics Corp., documents his ion forecast information on his website www.superforce.com, which includes archived correlations to stock market index performance as well as weekly forecasts posted every Friday evening at 9:00pm.

Guy Cramer has been studying the geophysics of ionization since 1985. The scientific community recognizes that positive and negative ions of oxygen have differing and measurable effects on human behavior. An excess of positive ions produces detrimental effects both physically (headaches, dizziness, fatigue, circulatory disorders etc.) and mentally (irritation, apathy, anxiety, depression etc). Negative ions are beneficial, and can improve alertness, concentration and general body function. However, with the large behavioral factor these ion ratios have on the general population it appears that positive ions cause the markets to increase and negative ions cause a decrease.

He has recently conducted a six-month review with well-known stocks such as Microsoft, EBAY and AOL, and despite the latest market turbulence, this ion ratio method used with SuperForce.com produced returns of 89.47%, 259.09% and 40.22% respectfully. Not bad since Microsoft dropped by 30.64% EBAY dropped by 23.84% and AOL dropped by 38.55% during the same period.

In tracking the Indexes the Nasdaq returned over 105% with this method even though the Nasdaq Index only gained 1.62% in the same six months. Out of the 18 world stock indexes reviewed, including the Dow, S&P, DAX, India, Nikkei, Tel Aviv, Argentina, FTSE…only one didn’t show gains or outperform the actual index.

Nonsense? Not quite. Although Cramer doubts they’ll admit it publicly, a number of established firms have been hitting the website on a very regular basis. Ticker Magazine has recently interviewed Cramer and he’s also been invited to appear two major TV networks, including PBS’s World Business Review hosted by Alexander Haig, and CNBC’s DOT.COM hosted by Mark Hamill.

While the brokers and day traders are busy analyzing oodles of corporate data, a mild-mannered scientist may have uncovered the true secret to the stock markets.

For further information and interview requests, please contact David Veniot, Media Relations at (604) 708-4675 or Guy Cramer directly at (604) 961-7046.