Press Release: Aug. 1, 2000

SuperForce.com able to predict Baseball Players Performance

VANCOUVER, BC -- (INTERNET WIRE) -- 08/01/2000 --Want to know when Randy Johnson should be on his Game? When is Sammy Sosa or Mark McGuire capable of hitting a few homeruns?

Guy Cramer says he has worked out mathematical algorithms allowing him to forecast the ratio of positive (bad) ions, with negative (good) ions, in the atmosphere and correlate them to human behavior and athletic performance. Over the past several months he has used this unique ion forecast to predict the performances of athletes with remarkable accuracy. 

The fairly accurate forecasting which continues to be offered for free will surprise you. "Every Friday I post my prediction chart for the upcoming week," says Cramer, head of United Dynamics Corp. which runs SuperForce.com

And before you dismiss the 32-year-old as just another wing-nut, check out his site at www.superforce.com

Consider also the fact he's been invited to appear on the World Business Review show hosted by Alexander Haig in Washington, D.C. and CNBC’s DOT.COM hosted by Mark Hamill. He's also worked with Glen Sather, GM of the New York Rangers and the Vancouver Canucks in 1993-94 looking at the impact ions can have on athletic performance.

In 1995 Guy Cramer was dealing with Glen Sather, then General Manager of the Edmonton Oilers NHL Hockey team, now GM of the New York Rangers. “He began to lose interest in the negative ion training system that we duplicated from a secret system I had discovered the Russians had been using for decades. To regain his interest, I sent him a forecast for individual performance before the game his team was going to play later that night against the Philadelphia Flyers. Glen called me at 8:00am the next morning and asked me to get on a plane to meet with him ASAP.  He had never seen anything like this.  The forecast was bang on for both teams

Does it work with everybody? Cramer says that 75% of athletes perform better on negative ion ratio days and 25% perform better on positive days, “These are the same ratios we find in the research done around the world on the general population.  If everybody was affected the same way this would have been discovered a long time ago.”

SuperForce.com has successfully shown the correlation to the effect with Hockey players from the NHL and Tiger Woods (the site will soon include a number of other high profile PGA players).  With the Triple Crown Horses at the Kentucky Derby, even before the race was run the Charts indicated that 1/3 of the horses didn’t have much of a chance in the race only because they performed better on the opposite ion ratio day. Now SuperForce has posted a few key Pitchers and Batters with similar results.

Who’s been hitting the website? According to a tracking service; NASA’s JPL (Jet Propulsion Laboratory) and NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center, Health Canada, U.S. Navy and U.S. Army Command… to name but a fe

Does it work for anything else? In 1995, two years after showing the individual effects with athletes, Cramer applied the same forecast to the stock markets feeling that the 75% of those affected the same way may induce a mass effect. At the beginning of this year he began using it publicly on SuperForce.com. One portion of a phantom portfolio in which SuperForce.com makes phantom trades using this advanced forecast grew by 9.93% last week alone on just one stock, the index based NASDAQ 100 QQQ. That’s more growth on one stock then many mutual funds show in a year. To date their phantom portfolio for the QQQ is over 121% for 7 months while the QQQ has only gained by 1% in the same period. They have significantly gained on 17 of 18 World Indexes they track..  These global ion ratio forecasts at SuperForce.com are outperforming any method used before.

It works so well with stocks that the publicity the financial data is achieving has overshadowed the Sports side of the same ion ratio effect. At a time where information is considered power, SuperForce.com seems like a well-chosen name.

For further information and interview requests, please contact David Veniot, Media Relations at (604) 708-4675 or Guy Cramer directly at (604) 961-7046.