TSE Plummet Predicted 5 Days Ago by Ion Scientist

Vancouver, BC  (United Dynamics Corp.) – 10/25/2000 – Today’s meltdown on the TSE was forecast on the www.superforce.com website last Friday, Oct. 20th by Vancouver scientist Guy Cramer.  In fact, a very clear alert was posted on the homepage to warn investors…the first ALERT! ever announced on the site.  “All of the signs were there staring me in the face.  I have so many loyal viewers that are using the ion forecast system for their investments that I felt an alert was absolutely necessary” says Cramer.

This isn’t the first time the Superforce team has notified the media about remarkable correlations between ion ratio data and the stock markets.  However, a sceptical issue in many reporters’ minds has been “How do I know the forecast data isn’t altered after the fact…that this isn’t just a trick to draw traffic to a website?”  That question is now clearly answered on the website by clicking the navigation button Verify Forecast, which shows one how to use a Netscape browser to get information from the host server on the exact dates a web page was last modified.  In the case of the October 20-28 forecast, the date recorded on the server is indisputably October 20th.

So what exactly is Guy Cramer’s scientific method? It is based on the changing ratio of positive and negative ions (electrons and charged molecules) in the atmosphere. The scientific community recognizes the following effects of ions on human behavior. An excess of positive ions produces detrimental effects both physically (headaches, dizziness, fatigue, circulatory disorders etc.) and mentally (irritation, apathy, anxiety, depression etc). Negative ions are beneficial, and can improve alertness, concentration and general body function. These findings are based on research with air ions from groups and organizations such as Oxford University, RCA Laboratories, U.S. Air Force, Mercedes Benz, the Swiss Bank… just to name a few of the 5000 plus studies.

Guy Cramer, president of the aerospace science company United Dynamics Corp., has been studying the geophysics of ionization since 1985.  In 1993 Mr. Cramer discovered a number of mathematical algorithms (repeating equations) that allows him to forecast the ratio of positive and negative ions in the atmosphere.  For the last several months Cramer has been posting his forecasts weekly on www.superforce.com and using the information to predict stock market performance. By correlating the ion ratio forecast data to fluctuations on the Dow Jones, NASDAQ, TSE 300 and S&P 500, Cramer has discovered, with close to 80% accuracy, that markets increase during periods of high positive ions and decrease during periods of high negative ions.  A detailed study over the past 6 months involving a phantom fund trading in a portfolio of 50 major public companies, including the 30 Dow Jones industrial stocks, has produced a return of 47%.  The study is available on the website.

For further information, contact David Veniot (Media Relations) at (604)708-4675 or Guy Cramer directly at  (604)961-7046.