Press Release: AUG. 10, 2000

Financial World Shocked As Stock Market Patterns Revealed By SuperForce.com

VANCOUVER, B.C. -- (INTERNET WIRE) -- 08/10/2000 -- A proven method for scientific analysis of human behavior is now being used to predict fluctuations in the world’s stock markets. A detailed study over the past 6 months involving a phantom fund trading in a portfolio of 50 major public companies, including the 30 Dow Jones industrial stocks, has produced a return of 47%. Over the 6-month period, 78 individual trades (19 buy, 19 sells and 20 shorts, 20 covers) were executed per each of the 50 stocks. That same portfolio with no trades experienced poor results, showing a loss of –9%. This six-month review is available from www.superforce.com

So what is this scientific method? It is based on the changing ratio of positive and negative ions in the atmosphere. The scientific community recognizes the following effects of ions on human behavior. An excess of positive ions produces detrimental effects both physically (headaches, dizziness, fatigue, circulatory disorders etc.) and mentally (irritation, apathy, anxiety, depression etc). Negative ions are beneficial, and can improve alertness, concentration and general body function. These findings are based on research with air ions from groups and organizations such as; Oxford University, RCA Laboratories, U.S. Air Force, Mercedes Benz, the Swiss Bank… just to name a few of the 5000 plus studies. The U.S. Navy uses negative ion generators with the nuclear submarine fleet and on the bridges of their key ships to help keep the crews alert and awake.

Vancouver-based scientist and entrepreneur Guy Cramer, president of the aerospace science company United Dynamics Corp. that runs SuperForce.com, has been studying the geophysics of ionization since 1985. In 1993 Mr. Cramer discovered a number of mathematical algorithms (repeating equations) that allows him to forecast the ratio of positive and negative ions in the atmosphere. By correlating the ion ratio data to fluctuations on the Dow Jones, Nasdaq, TSE 300 and S&P 500, he has also discovered, with 80% accuracy, that markets increase during periods of high positive ions and decrease during periods of high negative ions. Parallel to the 6-month study mentioned above using the same 78 trades, Mr. Cramer also ran tests on individual companies and indexes with the following results:


Needless to say, whatever Guy Cramer is doing…it’s working! The big question for any serious observer has to be “How do I know these results are valid, that the numbers weren’t doctored after the fact?” Mr. Cramer’s answer is simple: “I don’t expect anyone to believe me until they see it for themselves. I post the forecast a week in advance, so anyone can verify the results one week later, comparing my data to the actual market indexes for the week in question. I do not change or doctor the forecast to match the outcome.”

Actually, Mr. Cramer has been publishing his predictions weekly to a very devout audience on his company website www.superforce.com. His most loyal “eyeballs” include some of North America’s top financial institutions. As a result of his work, he has recently been invited to appear on two major TV networks, including PBS’s World Business Review hosted by Alexander Haig, and CNBC’s DotCom hosted by Mark Hamill. Cramer’s unconventional method has been featured in the Financial Post, one of Canada’s leading national newspapers, and is also the subject of an upcoming article in Ticker Magazine, a U.S. finance trade publication.

This loyal North American audience could soon become global as the same 78 trades were applied to 14 World indexes which included: Hong Kong, Japan, United Kingdom, German, Norway, Israel, Moscow, Australia, South Africa, Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, India, and New Zealand. This method drastically outperformed all but one of the markets including a 98% increase for the Argentina MerVal Index versus the actual index loss of 8.65% displaying the global reach that these ion ratios have.

The web site is continuing the free one week forecast, but they now provide one month of forecasted data in advance for $39.95 USD a month that utilizes the same advanced two week method used in the six month review. As an introductory offer, this new service is available free for the month of August. Links have been posted with the service to web sites that allow phantom portfolios. For further information, visit www.superforce.com.

In an age where information is considered power, Guy Cramer’s technique is indeed a “SuperForce”.

For further information and interview requests, please contact David Veniot, Media Relations at (604) 708-4675 or Guy Cramer directly at (604) 961-7046.