Update: November 3, 2000 The following story states that November 5th would be a better day, meaning higher negative ion day. However, our newest algorithm now factored in since the press release was issued, shows that November the 5th is also high positive. 
Update Dec 6, 2000 Please see: 24% of the U.S. Presidential Vote swayed by the Full Moon effect. for updated information concerning this press release below. 

Press Release: AUG. 23, 2000

Presidential Election Held On The Wrong Day If You’re A Democrat, Says Human Behavioral Scientist

VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA -- (INTERNET WIRE) -- 08/23/2000 -- Imagine knowing the exact day voters are most inclined to support your party in an election. On the other hand, imagine holding an election on a day when voters are most likely to be angry, depressed or just plain grumpy. A voter in that frame of mind would tend to look at the negative side of your party’s track record and vote for the other guy. Unfortunately, according to ion scientist Guy Cramer and his research into human behavior, that’s precisely what Al Gore and the Democrats are facing in the next U.S. presidential election. “November 7th is a relatively high positive ion day, and that means a lot of people are going to be in a bad mood” states Cramer. “Chances are they will concentrate more on the down side of the Clinton administration and less on a positive future under Gore…and vote for Bush. I know it is out of their hands, but this year November 7th is really a bad luck day for the Democrats. November 5th would have been much better.”

This Canadian scientist can accurately predict trends in human behavior and peak performance days several months and even years in advance. So what is his scientific method? It is based on the changing ratio of positive and negative ions (electrons and charged molecules) in the atmosphere. The scientific community recognizes the following effects of ions on human behavior. An excess of positive ions produces detrimental effects both physically (headaches, dizziness, fatigue, circulatory disorders etc.) and mentally (irritation, apathy, anxiety, depression etc). Negative ions are beneficial, and can improve alertness, concentration and general body function. These findings are based on research with air ions from groups and organizations such as Oxford University, RCA Laboratories, U.S. Air Force, Mercedes Benz, the Swiss Bank… just to name a few of the 5000 plus studies. The U.S. Navy uses negative ion generators with the nuclear submarine fleet and on the bridges of their key ships to help keep the crews alert and awake. In ion science, there is known to be an increase in the detrimental positive ions in the air we breathe for a few days before, during and after a Full Moon. Most police officers, doctors, nurses and ambulance attendants agree that there is something that causes problems with people around the Full Moon. Judges in Israel are more lenient on criminals if the crime was committed during increased positive ion wind conditions. Israeli insurance discovered traffic accidents could increase by 100% during positive ion winds. Russian Hospitals use negative ion generators. For decades the Russians secretly used active negative ion generators to significantly improve athletic performance. The Olympic committee has never objected to negative ion training.

Guy Cramer, president of the aerospace science company United Dynamics Corp., which produces the ion prediction website SuperForce.com, has been studying the geophysics of ionization since 1985. In 1993 Mr. Cramer discovered a number of mathematical algorithms (repeating equations) that allows him to forecast the ratio of positive and negative ions in the atmosphere. For the last several months Cramer has been posting his forecasts weekly on www.superforce.com and using the information to predict stock market performance. By correlating the ion ratio forecast data to fluctuations on the Dow Jones, Nasdaq, TSE 300 and S&P 500, Cramer has discovered, with and unheard of 80% plus accuracy, that markets increase during periods of high positive ions and decrease during periods of high negative ions. As a result, he has developed a very devout audience. His most loyal “eyeballs” include some of North America’s top financial institutions. In fact, he has recently been invited to appear on two major TV networks, including PBS’s World Business Review hosted by Alexander Haig, and CNBC’s DotCom hosted by Mark Hamill. Cramer’s unconventional method has been featured in the Financial Post, one of Canada’s leading national newspapers, in Grant’s Investor, an online financial magazine Chaired by James Grant, the Vancouver Province Newspaper, on the MSNBC website, and is the subject of an upcoming article in Ticker Magazine, a U.S. finance trade publication.

All this success and attention has generated interest from other sectors of business, and caused Cramer to expand his human behavioral studies to include politics. When is the best time to hold a political convention, fundraiser or election? According to Cramer, “If people are depressed and angry on the day of an election, the existing party in power risks losing much of the vote. People tend to vote for or against the party in power, and the opposition is generally viewed as an alternative to that existing party. It therefore wouldn’t make political sense to call an election on a day when more positive ions are in the air. For example, you definitely wouldn’t want to hold a vote around the time of the Full Moon if you were responsible for calling the election.” Cramer adds, “The Full Moon is only one aspect of a very complex series of algorithms which I use in my calculations to give the public the Ion Ratio Forecast.”

With exclusive access to this kind of information, it would certainly seem that Mr. Cramer’s company is in a position to make a substantial profit. “We are planning to create a large business out of this, generating revenues from private consulting, advertising banners on our site, and website user fees for premium one month forecasts. Another potential revenue source lies in money management, as we are currently discussing the forecast options with mutual and hedge fund companies and some of the largest stock wholesale firms in the world. This latest application for Politics is really just the tip of the iceberg. Associates in the movie and TV business, who would love to know the optimum dates to launch premiers and TV pilots, have approached me. I suppose catching the critics and viewing audiences on their best reaction days would be of great value. I’m considering an introductory offer, where we allow each studio or network one or two dates for free just to show them how it works.” says Cramer.

Is anyone really surprised that, in this new millennium of science and technology, forecasting human behavior could be so lucrative and prophet-able?

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