June 9, 2011 Special 2011 Stanley Cup Report: Vancouver Canucks Robert Luongo's Kryptonite Discovered; it's Positive Ions


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Superforce.com Basic Forecasted Daily Ion Polarity Data (Monday-Friday):

This is a Forecast and not guaranteed as actual Ion Ratio data. It should be treated as the same way a weather forecast is treated, advanced warning that is not always right.

Positive Ion Overdose Symptoms:
Applies to the Majority of Population
Negative Ion Overdose Symptoms:
Applies to the
Majority of Population
Emotionally Unstable: Boredom, Stress, Anxiety, Depression, Aggression, Greed...

Increased migrane headaches, joint pain, repiratory problems; Asthma, Hayfever...

Physical decrease for over 75% of the population due to adrenal exhaustion, gets worse with consecutive positive ion days.

Excess Adrenaline release: Physical increase for less than 25% of the population, (Only the healthiest and yongest with enough adrenal reserve experiance this).

Best Days for Stock Markets as people tend to buy. Stores to hold sales as people will buy more - greed factor.

Worst Days for Staff Meetings (low attention spans), School tests (lower IQ scores), Driving (Road Rage increases).

Air Quality decreases as pollution is positively charged.

Foods of Choice: Cravings for fast food, sugar and caffine.

Movie and T.V. choices: Action, adventure and Horror movies will be appeal to viewers. 

Emotionally Stable: Level headed, Content, Diplomatic, Kind, Compassionate...

Reduction of Health complaints, less sensitivity to pain.

Physical increase for over 75% of the population, gets better with consecutive negative ion days. Increased endurance, balance and improved reaction time.

Physical decrease for less than 25% of the population. (while it may not be a bad day for these people their performance may decrease due to the lack of a trigger for their adrenaline.

Best Days for sports, meetings, tests.

Worst Days for Stock Markets as people tend to not take risks.

Air Quality increases as positively charged pollution is neutralized (scrubbed) by negative ions.

Foods of Choice: Healthier choices tend to prevail.

Movie and T.V. choices: Drama, Clean Comedies and Romantic programs or movies will appeal to viewers. 

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For reasons of Homeland Security we will not provide detailed information regarding the severity of ion ratios

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This is a Forecast and not guaranteed as actual Ion Ratio data. It should be treated as the same way a weather forecast is treated, advanced warning that is not always right.   

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January 1, 2010 Is HAARP responsible for recent worldwide Jellyfish Blooms?

October 15, 2008 SuperForce correctly predicted 7 days prior to the Canadian election that the spread between top parties would widen providing the Conservatives with the win. The SuperForce forecast was made Oct. 9th when opposing parties only trailed in the polls by 4%, Conservatives won with a 12% lead over the closest opposition party. See link below with original forecast.

October 9, 2008 2008 Canadian Election Polls swayed by the Full Moon effect

July 31, 2008 Special Olympic Report: Secret Russian Sports Weapon Disclosed

June 1, 2008 Eco-Week; A simple solution to high Oil Prices

June 4, 2007: Part 1 HAARP Transmissions May Accidentally be Jamming Bees Homing Ability
Part 2 To Bee or not to Bee, if that’s the Question, what is the Answer?
Colony Collapse Disorder linked to HAARP.

December 19, 2005: Sharp Corporation Press Release: Ion Technology Proven Effective Against Airborne Highly Pathogenic H5N1 Avian Influenza

September 12, 2005: Sun's String of Fury Continues as 7th Major Flare Erupts

September 7, 2005: September 7th, 2005 Super Solar Flare

July 4, 2005: Wild Blue Yonder: San Francisco Photos indicate Shuttle Columbia was struck by Hyper-Lightning on Reentry

June 29, 2005: KA2 Digital Camouflage Program Update

June 12, 2005: Jordan Armed Forces modernization continues with wide scale issue of new KA2 Digital Camouflage

June 6, 2005: Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan celebrates Army day with new KA2 Digital Camouflage

June 4, 2005: Kingdom of Jordan takes lead in Advanced Digital Camouflage with KA2 pattern

May 26, 2005 Planetary Solar Mirrors

March 11, 2005 Jordanian troops issued new Desert Digital Battle Dress Uniforms

January 23, 2005 HAARP likely not Primary Ionospheric array in Alaska Companion site to topical information of interview with Art Bell on Coast to Coast Radio this evening

January 4, 2005 Tidal Quake: South Asian Tsunami likely caused by unique tidal forces

December 19, 2004 Police Units in the Kingdom of Jordan to be issued new Advanced Digital Urban Camouflage

December 14, 2004 There’s Helium-3 in them there Moon hills!

December 8, 2004 Large areas of Mars now protected from future commercialization

October 8, 2004: National Counter-Terrorism Center selects TACAM Camouflage as their Exclusive Official Pattern

October 5, 2004 "MilTex" Millennium Texture Series Camouflage™

July 13, 2004 Dual Texture - U.S. Army digital camouflage

June 23, 2004 Tiger Stripe Camouflage goes Digital

May 3, 2004 United Dynamics Corp. C2G Digital Military Camouflage 102 patterns Public access

April 16, 2004: Positive Ion Ban Proposal

April 2, 2004 United Dynamics Corp. presents TerraFlage Recreational Digital Camouflage

Feb 20, 2004: Breaking News: Developer of SuperForce.com Algorithm is issued Patent for HyperStealth "Passive Negative Ion Generator"

Feb 2, 2004: Top SuperForce.com Stock: Priceline.com shows 700% plus gains (non-compounded) in 48 months of back testing algorithm.

January 29, 2004 Predicting Volatility: Stress about Iraq war counters SuperForce.com system

Feb 21, 2003 Three Years of back-testing the SuperForce.com algorithm on 600 stocks
Feb 9, 2003 Shuttle Columbia Disaster: Wrong Place, Wrong Time! (updated April 28, 29, May 1, May 3, May 10, 2003 & Jan, 19, 2005)
January 11, 2003
Behavioral Economics!
November 6, 2002 Predicting Indexes: 34 months of back testing the SuperForce Algorithm with the AMEX, DOW, NASDAQ, Russell 2000, NYSE, S&P and Philadelphia Major Indexes
October 30, 2002 Predicting Volatility

May 13, 2002
SuperForce Top 100 lists for 596 companies

Feb 28, 2002 SuperForce Top 100 lists for 600 companies
Feb 7, 2002 Special Olympic Report: Secret Russian Sports Weapon Disclosed

Jan 29, 2002 Markets fall due to rare Solar Shock Wave
Earnings Warnings and Stock Performance vs. Ion Ratios
SuperForce.com Canadian Top 20 Lists:
TSE 35 Top 35 companies on the Toronto Stock Exchange

SuperForce Currency Trading 2001 Tracking 16 world currencies
SuperForce Premium Trading method with the Dow 30 Stocks for 2001
SuperForce Top 20 list for Dec 2001 and Volatility Index Correlation
SuperForce.com Special Report: HAARP Defensive Economic Warfare 
SuperForce.com Report: Ions Threaten Stock Market Fundamentals

(C)-2000 Wyka-Warzecha

Year 2000 Review

The Following dials represent Real Time (Geomagnetic and Solar Wind) data, which can override the Ion Ratio Forecast:  

If the any of the dials move into the yellow, orange or red then there is a chance that positive ion ratios could be increasing and the stock market indexes are going up. If the dials remain in the green then the forecast applies. This page will auto-refresh every fifteen minutes to keep the dials up-to-date. If no arrows appear on each dial then the satellite is temporarily not receiving or transmitting data.

Geomagnetic storms are a natural hazard, like hurricanes and tsunamis. Severe geomagnetic storms cause communications problems, abruptly increase drag on spacecraft, and can cause electric utility blackouts over a wide area. The location of ACE spacecraft gives about a one hour advance warning of impending geomagnetic activity.  

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Long thought to be random, human behavior and athletic performance, have turned out to be predictable. Through at least five overlapping advanced geophysics and astrophysics cycles, these changes can be forecasted ahead of time. These changes would have been discovered long ago if 100% of the population was affected the same way, however, approximately 75% of the population are affected one way and about 25% are somewhat or oppositely affected due to brain hormones compensating for the problem.

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